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Azure Dreaming 7-20-18 (24)
Azure Dreaming BLUE STARDUST X PASSION'S OWN  T09065   2.32  7-11-13 (1)Azure Dreaming 7-14-18 (4) - Copy


$ 90

(Blue Stardust x Passion’s Own)

Tet. 26” 5” SEV EM 16-22 buds 3-4 way branching Reblooms Fra

The mesmerizing blooms of AZURE DREAMING are lavender with a violet-blue eye etched mulberry and recurved ruffled mulberry and violet-blue edge over a green throat. The eye color can change from saturated cobalt-violet to frosted blue-violet and other hues in between. I’ve even seen this one with some pattern from time to time. Vigorous and very fertile both ways. The offspring of this beauty are outstanding. Limited.

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