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Chasing Dragonflies  T09174 Catching Fire x Passion's Own
Chasing Dragonflies 6 (1)


$ 75

(Catching Fire x Passion’s Own)

Tet. 26” 5.5” SEV EM 17-22 buds 3-4 way branching Reblooms Fra

The intriguing blooms of CHASING DRAGONFLIES are a pale yellow-cream to white with a violet-blue and magenta layered eye etched mulberry and a matching ruffled mulberry picotee over yellow to green throat. A favorite of friend and fellow hybridizer, David Dekort, who has been growing this one for several years. Vigorous and very fertile both ways. Just wait until you see its colorful babies! A great parent for glorious patterned kids and multi-colored eyes and edges. Limited

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