Cosmic Splash

Cosmic Splash 6-19-16 (23) - Copy
Cosmic Splash 6-19-16 (24) - CopyCosmic Splash 1Cosmic Splash 6-19-16 (11) - Copy

Cosmic Splash

$ 75

COSMIC SPLASH (Simpson-E. 2015)
Tet.  5-5.5″  35″  Sev  EM  17 Buds

This tall, pale cream beauty has a  blue violet eye etched in raspberry with a ruffled double edge of raspberry and violet and a green throat. Gorgeous in a clump and a great parent for multicolored eyes on tall scapes. “Cosmic Splash” has many keeper kids in my evaluation bed.

Fertile both ways.

(Curtis Montgomery x Rock Solid)


CLICK HERE  to see some kids from “Cosmic Splash”

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