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Madeline's Purple Crayon T09013   Facepaint x In Stitches
Madeline's Purple Crayon 5 (1)


$ 75

(Facepaint x In Stitches)

Tet. 28” 6” DOR EM 17-22 buds 4 way branching Reblooms Fra

This boldly colored beauty is lavender with a large saturated violet eye etched magenta and has a matching ruffled edge of magenta, violet and white over a yellow to green throat. This special daylily was named to honor the memory of a very special girl, Madeline Grace Ezernack, that left this world at a very young age. Her amazing parents, Claudia and Stan are dear friends of ours and continue to inspire many with their positive, life-affirming attitude and their passion for daylilies. Thank you two for sharing the funny stories of Madeline and for choosing to celebrate her memories. This flower always reminds me of the precious purple crayon story. Vigorous, very fertile both ways and a garden stand-out!

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