Powder Sky

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Powder Sky

$ 75

POWDER SKY (Simpson-E. 2015)
Tet.  6″  26″  Sev  EM  22 Buds  4 branches

Rose lavender with a powder blue feathered etched eye with a gently ruffled edge and green throat. When “Powder Sky” bloomed the first time, I became hooked on blue-eyed daylilies and I have been hybridizing for them ever since. Today, I not only have many keeper kids from this beauty, I am introducing two of its offspring, “Ambush Makeover” and “Blessed and Highly Favored”  this year. Many visitors have commented on the powder blue eye and some tried to talk me into selling this before it was ready. Now is your chance but supplies are extremely limited. Fertile both ways and a grand parent for blue eyes and good branching.
(Karelia x Dana Townsend)

Very Limited
Price Per Double Fan


CLICK HERE  to see some kids from “Powder Sky”

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